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Al Zarafa HR is one of the best recruitment company operating in Nepal. It is registered under Government of Nepal providing high skilled workers to non skilled workers to variety of industries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The main industries of focus include manufacturing, construction, hospitality, transportation, IT, and service sectors. The Competency Hierarchy enables us to recruit individuals across various skill levels, from low-level/entry positions such as menial labor to highly skilled professionals. We aim to make the recruitment process easier for any human resource requirement. We have been supplying different categories of manpower: unskilled labor, semiskilled trade persons, qualified engineers, chartered accountants, medical & paramedical staffs, hotel & hospitality staffs, care givers, security guards & so on to many of the gulf countries like Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia and others. More than a decade of our dedication in this field, we have supplied satisfied Nepalese workers to different companies to the above mentioned countries. We are even ready to provide the workers to any country who can provide us approved work-permit visas allowed by Nepal Government.


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Al Zarafa Human Resource Consultant Pvt. Ltd., specializes in helping to provide right human resources to the clients in all aspects/features of the business start-up cycle from concept to operation.


The vision of Al Zarafa Human Resource Consultant (P.) Ltd. is to be a recognized and well known leader in the region by fulfilling the dream of clients, i.e. foreign companies, via providing manpower recruiting services to foreign companies. This will assist to strengthen the financial condition of the country as well as the employers. It will further assist to achieve rapid profitable growth by ensuring that our clients needs are satisfied in an effiecient and cost effective manner.

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